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I love having the freedom to come and go at any time of the day. I also like to have a space where I can lock myself away, put my head down and get some work done.  Because I have a "lonely" role with very little face to face socialisation, I find coming to KOS a breath of fresh air as I am able to interact with others. 

There is plenty of value from my point of view. My office is clean, a good size and functional. The office brings a sense of "professionalism" in my work. MD

Kapiti Office Suites was the perfect half step when we needed to expand our business. We were at KOS for three months due to a new employee starting with our firm - while we searched for an office of our own. It was hard to leave. Pauline spoilt us with bakery and provided a friendly, professional and private premises while still having the feel of a busy office with other people around. We definitely recommend KOS to anyone wanting to achieve a great work/life balance, expand their business or even just set up a satellite office closer to home.

Oranganui Legal


A quiet, comfortable and well-equipped workspace.

Quiet- not used by a huge number of people, so rarely am I disrupted. Also space between workspaces is very generous so allows me to work without interruptions.

Comfortable-good desks and chairs that are adjustable to my needs.

Well-equipped: not just a desk to work at but meeting room, coffee machine, tea, fridge and microwave. All these things make it easier to work as if in a "real office" LS

Private Office

Friendly, social environment.

Good quality office accommodation.

As above, but also the cleanliness and high-quality service you provide.

Location, close to the gym!

Being able to rent a private office with the ability to interact with other people sharing the office floor. In essence it provides a ‘company office’ environment, but without the need to commute.

Being able to rent a private office and pay an all-inclusive rent per month.  AK


It was a very easy and pleasant experience. I was really impressed with how quickly I was able to move from my home office to the hot desk.


Dedicated Desk

Access (24/7) and dedicated space with lockable cabinet/own area of the dedicated office works well and is consistent with my employment security requirements (things have to be locked away etc).
The office and desk space is generous and compares favourably with other co-working spaces I've used which were usually open plan and smaller desks. JH

First and foremost, I produced a lot of quality work while I was at KOS. It’s an excellent environment to work in: spotless, modern, high-speed internet, height adjustable desks, kitchen & coffee, breakout room, etc. Fresh baking often ‘appears’ in the kitchen.

KOS is perfect for those in the Kapiti area that maybe in NZ on an extended stay (but do not want to work from home) or those who are temporarily in the Kapiti area while travelling.


Meeting Room

We rented a room at KOS for a 6 monthly meeting.  The facilities and service at KOS was fantastic and Pauline was welcoming and very helpful.  Everything we needed was supplied, whiteboard, markers, TV, notebooks, and pens and even mints.

We opted for the catering and it did not disappoint. The lunch was stunning and consisted of a pasta salad, fresh bagel, brownie and fruit.  Tea and coffee were readily available and the offices, kitchen and bathrooms were pristine and light filled.

We would have no hesitation in recommending KOS for one off meetings, hot desking etc. We will certainly be using them again. SR


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