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Health and Safety and Covid19 Guidelines

Our priority is to ensure your good health and safety.

  1. Please scan the Covid19 app as you come in and as you leave or sign the register.

  2. Remain at home if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms. In the interests of all clients we reserve the right to request a client or visitor to mask up or leave until fully recovered.

  3. High-touch or high traffic areas will be wiped down and disinfected regularly.

  4. Wipes are available to wipe your desk down.

  5. Proper ventilation and air flow can play a vital role in reducing the spread of coronavirus, make use of opening windows.

  6. Sanitiser is provided for use in common areas.

  7. First point of contact if you have any Health & Safety or Covid19 concerns is to

  8. The Premises including the outdoor deck are smoke and vaping free. Covid-19 Updates

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